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  1. Webinar

    Onboarding is NOT Orientation - How to Improve the New Employee Experience

    Dr. Susan Strauss

    28 Oct 2022, Friday   10:00 AM PDT   90 Mins   WEB14520

    As managers and HR professionals, we’re in a new world creating new challenges in the way we do our work including how we welcome and engage our new hires virtually and in person.

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  2. Webinar

    6 Hours Virtual Seminar - Project Management for Non-Project Managers

    Rebecca Staton-Reinstein

    27 Oct 2022, Thursday   08:00 AM PDT   360 Mins   WEB14519

    Want to learn how to be a better project manager? You're in the right place. This class is a 6 hour virtual seminar that will teach you important skills like: project planning, creating and managing resources, effective communication and more.

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  3. Webinar

    Form W-9 Compliance to Avoid Penalties: TIN Verification, B Notices and Backup Withholding

    Patrick Haggerty

    18 Oct 2022, Tuesday   10:00 AM PDT   90 Mins   WEB14518

    This webinar discusses how to establish procedures and best practices, including name/TIN verification, that avoid situations that can lead to penalties or, when such situations occur, establish the reasonable cause defense that allows your company to avoid penalties.

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  4. Webinar

    Employee or Independent Contractor? What to Do in the Wake of the Recent Rule Changes

    Janette Levey Frisch

    12 Oct 2022, Wednesday   10:00 AM PDT   90 Mins   WEB14517

    This webinar will provide valuable and practical insight on how to properly classify freelancers, consultants, temps and other contract workers—and how to tell whether the worker in question is really an employee. In this webinar, you will learn how and when your workers are legally your employees, or what be able to properly classify them as independent contractors. This topic is particularly timely in light of the Biden Administration’s withdrawal of the rule promulgated by the Trump Administration.

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  5. Webinar

    HR Metrics: A Critical Measurement of the Impact of Human Resources Management

    Ronald Adler

    27 Sep 2022, Tuesday   10:00 AM PDT   90 Mins   WEB14515

    The purposes of an organization’s human resources are to add value, make the organization more competitive, help the organization achieve its business objectives, and help manage risk.

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  6. Webinar

    2-Hour Virtual Seminar on Workplace Investigations 101: How to Conduct your Investigation Like a Pro

    Dr. Susan Strauss

    02 Sep 2022, Friday   10:00 AM PDT   120 Mins   WEB14513

    The webinar addresses laws that HR is responsible for upholding. When the laws are not followed, it increases the liability for the organization and interferes with a fair and equitable work environment for employees

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  7. Webinar

    An Employer’s Guide to Navigating the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

    Janette Levey Frisch

    23 Sep 2020, Wednesday   10:00 AM PDT   90 Mins   WEB14511

    In this webinar we will discuss an employer’s legal obligations in the face of the pandemic and provide some practical guidance and crisis management strategies.

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  8. Webinar

    Anticipating and Addressing Employee's Return-to-Work Concerns Post-COVID-19

    Diane L Dee

    02 Dec 2020, Wednesday   10:00 AM PDT   90 Mins   WEB14510

    With stay-at-home orders starting to lift and businesses begin the process of resuming normal operations, it is time for HR professionals, managers, and other business leaders to start putting in place concrete plans for a return to work.

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  9. Webinar

    Managing Political Speech at Work in a Polarized Era

    Dr. Susan Strauss

    04 Dec 2020, Friday   10:00 AM PDT   90 Mins   WEB14509

    In this practical webinar, you will receive a detailed overview of managing political speech in the workplace. You will learn about the complex laws and regulations that employers should be mindful of when navigating political speech at work and setting the tone of political discussions at work

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  10. Webinar

    2 Hour Virtual Seminar - Workplace Mental Health Challenges & the ADAAA

    Dr. Susan Strauss

    24 Aug 2022, Wednesday   10:00 AM PDT   90 Mins   WEB14508

    Employers are seeing more mental health issues in their workforce than ever before. COVID has enhanced mental health concerns even more.

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Organizational administration is subject to a variety of compliance and governance regulations. These rules are constantly evolving and changing for the effective work-flow and functioning of a company. These reforms and rules are mandatory across regions for companies.

Companies that fail to comply with employment laws and regulatory rules risk themselves to significant penalties. Whether intentional or non-intentional, non-compliance or failing an HR audit makes a company liable to damages such as large-scale fines. Even the company reputation suffers in such scenarios.

Hence, to avoid such organizational damages, HRs must regularly update themselves and overlook company compliance. Standard knowledge of new regulations and reforms will enable you to protect your company and prepare against any potentially damaging situation.

GRC Advisory Online HR Training

Due to the numerous laws and regulations implemented for companies, information often becomes obscure and unavailable in the absence of an explanatory medium. To bridge this gap between governance regulations and administrators, GRC Advisory Online provides HR training programs.

 At GRC Advisory Online, you don't have to scramble for bits and pieces of information from twenty different sources. Instead, we bring information to you!

Our programs deal with the complexities of governance regulations and provide informational courses that help you stay at the top of your game. Enhanced knowledge of governance rules and reforms will keep you vigilant and updated to ensure your company's seamless functioning. It will arm you up with relevant knowledge to maintain the legal and ethical regulations of the company.

Presenters of our programs are leading experts and industry veterans with extensive experience in HR-related compliance regulation. You learn from the best in the field about administrative compliance and related problems. These courses are designed to provide you with practical knowledge about workplace regulations. Information on compliance with laws and regulations such as ADAAA, FMLA, ADA, PDL, CFRA, FEHA, Worker's Compensation, and many more are also a part of the courses. 

The courses range from introductory to advanced level. Professionals belonging to any sort of HR functioning unit will benefit from our services. Our services can be availed by:

  • Supervisors and Managers
  • Leaders of private and government agencies
  • Staff responsible for new employees in the company
  • Internal and External Auditors
  • Risk Managers
  • Compliance Managers
  • HR professionals
  • Training Staff
  • Vice-presidents and Directors

The training programs will benefit all staff and employees. The programs deal with essential HR training requirements such as:

  • HR Communications
  • Strategic Planning
  • Decision making and Leadership
  • Financial analysis
  • Training Management
  • Remote Job Interview Management
  • Employment Laws
  • Payroll
  • Workplace Harassment Investigations

New courses are added to our library every week. You can access it here. We aim to make learning and training more flexible for you. The formats available are seminars and webinars, on-demand programs, and CDs. The topics covered in the programs are extensive and include:

  • HR Metrics
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Conducting Job Interviews

Our training programs are a cost, time, and energy-efficient solution for any HR compliance problem you may face.

We love hearing from you! If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding our programs and services, please leave a message at c[email protected] or call +1-833-827-3272 (Toll Free).