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  1. Webinar

    Anticipating and Addressing Employee's Return-to-Work Concerns Post-COVID-19

    Diane L Dee

    02 Dec 2020, Wednesday   10:00 AM PDT   90 Mins   WEB14510

    With stay-at-home orders starting to lift and businesses begin the process of resuming normal operations, it is time for HR professionals, managers, and other business leaders to start putting in place concrete plans for a return to work.

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  2. Webinar

    Managing Political Speech at Work in a Polarized Era

    Dr. Susan Strauss

    04 Dec 2020, Friday   10:00 AM PDT   90 Mins   WEB14509

    In this practical webinar, you will receive a detailed overview of managing political speech in the workplace. You will learn about the complex laws and regulations that employers should be mindful of when navigating political speech at work and setting the tone of political discussions at work

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  3. Webinar

    New Vaccine Mandates for Federal Workers, Subcontractors, Private Employers

    Margie Faulk

    15 Dec 2021, Wednesday   10:00 AM PDT   90 Mins   WEB01433

    New Vaccine Mandates for Federal Workers, Subcontractors, and Private Employers! How Will This Impact the Workplace?

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Online Compliance Training

GRC Advisory Online is a leading provider of online compliance training programs. With 5 years of experience, we have become a trusted source for compliance-related corporate governance training, risk management & controls, ethics, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, and control. We deliver informative and practical courses for corporate professionals to enhance their knowledge development. Our program presenters are experienced industry veterans and leading innovation experts with an extensive database in compliance and regulatory affairs. We provide flexible resources and access to our online training programs, which are available in various formats, such as Live Seminars, Live Webinars, On-demand programs, or Recorded Links, and USB Flash drives.

Rules and regulations in quality, compliance, and governance frequently undergo developments and changes. We help you stay updated within your field. Our seminars and programs cover a wide span of industries such as:

    • Banking and Financial Services
    • Life Sciences
    • Hitech, Aero, and Manufacturing
    • Energy and Utilities
    • CPG and Retail
    • Healthcare
    • Food and Dietary Supplements
    • Cross-Industry Functions

Our programs are detail-oriented and range from introductory to advanced courses across topics such as Compliance & Ethics, EH&S Green Compliance, Human Resources & Training, Osha Compliance, Finance, Sox & Internal Control, Documentation & Policy Management, and many other areas.

Benefits of Compliance Training Online 

Online training is a tangible way for professionals to develop their skills and stay updated with quality, governance, and compliance regulations. It is a cost-effective, time-efficient, and energy-saving method for companies to accommodate significant group sizes efficiently. With no large-scale expenditure on hotels and other additional resources, our online training programs ensure an increase in return on investment and enhanced skill development for companies. Our online webinars and seminars led by top industry experts make customized training content available, to meet your requirements. 

In the midst of continually evolving compliance and governance regulations, GRC Advisory Online brings the information to you! Browse our courses in various fields to stay at the top of your game. If you have any queries regarding the courses, please write to us at [email protected] or call +1-833-827-3272 (Toll Free).